Are we feeling it? Today was the last day of asking for a while. I’ve contacted Apple, Brunton, Verizon, Patagonia and Light and Motion asking for help with ALM, gear mostly. Patagonia already said no. In the process I learned that Yvon Chouinard never uses a computer, ever – not even email. I assume that means no Google either, no Wikipedia, no Youtube, no Netflix and definitely no Facebook. Can you imagine? No FACEBOOK?!

Kari and I talked about something else last night. She’s not a big science fiction buff, but I asked her if she had seen the first Terminator – cause that’s illustrates where I am at.

Remember when the scary Terminator shows up in the club to kill Sarah Conner, and she realizes it’s coming for her? She’s skittering around the bar and folks are dropping like flies from gun blasts – it’s madness, chaos, apocalypse. Just as she about to be snuffed there’s a moment of reprieve as Kyle counter attacks, temporarily disabling the Terminator. Kyle reaches his hand to Sarah and says the immortal line – “Come with me if you want to live.”

That’s ALM by analogy. “Come with me if you want to live.” We’re in trouble for sure, the Terminator is about to get up and waste our sorry asses. We can lie down and watch the world fry, wallow in our own ignorance and trauma or we can bust a move. We need some workable strategies, now.

Well, I’ll have to yank a few more corporate chains on Friday but it’s 10:oo pm and time to turn in. Sweet dreams all.

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