2 days – pushback

Are we ready? Not quite yet. Fiberglass repairs will take another few days. An ordering snafu has delayed the arrival of some gear. Chuck is fabricating cargo plates that need to be tested. This weekend’s weather forecast is not beach friendly.

It’s official! Launch has been pushed back to May 15. This Saturday’s party is canceled.

Progress is otherwise stellar. Dan Kelchak did a beautiful job on the Larrivee and It’s first coat of armor is on. The body tone still seems to be quite bright. The 1720 Pelican cases are ideal for both guitar and the new 30 cubic ft scuba tank. Winslow’s self silencing torus has arrived and it’s voice is reminiscent of indonesian gamelan and himalayan monasteries.

Here are some fiberglass components fresh from their molds. The collar is intended to reinforce the hull access ports. Note the black stitching showing through where the strips of glass cloth were sewn together – Patrick’s idea. The 5 foot strip was saturated with resin and then wrapped around a circular form to form about 1/4″ thickness. The S shaped bit is a casting of the hull lip and was passed on to Chuck to be used as a guide for the stainless steel cargo plates.

The Larrivee with armor plate. The overlapping edges have to be carefully sanded flush with the guitar’s body.

Winslow’s fabulous torus. Loud! Movie

Hello World in the rain. Not quite dry dock.

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2 Responses to 2 days – pushback

  1. Winslow says:

    Hi Dan,
    I’m glad, I never thought of it as self silencing! Mostly because I rang it by swirling it around, and the upper half would continue to sing as the lower half was silenced by the dingythingy. Also, you’ll note the unsigned side has an area of thinness where the ravages of time took most of the mass. I’t still plenty strong and I opted not to “solve that” as the process occurred, but to see how it….?
    I thought a tennis ball would be an adequate & inexpensive device for supporting the Bell on a line and a tail would allow you to make it sing, by grabbing it from below and well I think you get the idea. I do however like the way you chose and since you’ll need to discover how it works best…..Enjoy! & I hope it never needs to be used for an emergent situation, but Glad if need be, …that it can Sing!

    Pe@ce Winslow

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