Starting to get good

Day 5 of ALM 2010. It’s raining just north of Onekema tonight. Back from the beach about a stone’s throw, nestled in low dunes is a cozy wozy tent, glowing merrily with candlelight. Inside I’m munching my third bowl of the fresh and raw vegan version of a happy meal – thick oats, goji berries, raisins, flax seeds, almonds and salt marinated in Bear Lake well water. Oowee!

On June 2 an amiable north wind pushed us from Elberta down to Arcadia. Getting Hello World up on the beach was slightly less of a struggle than Elberta had been and I managed it alone. The plan was to rendezvous with the Bear Lake support team for essential modifications, including trips to Traverse City and Crystal Lake. I slept at the team dorm that night and then got a ride back to my house the next day.

I had left the bike and some other gear behind because of the heavy wind at Point Betsie. Minimizing variables helped get us launched. A couple of days feeling the groove was enough to be ready for the full load.

Ideally all this would have been worked out prior to launch, but there are so many details to manage on this project that I’m spread pretty thin. When funds and labor are tight, everything takes more time. Fortunately I’ve got a gang of Kelly’s to whistle up in a pinch – Steve,. Jonathan, Patrick and Luke.

I frittered away much of day 4 helping Stephen Addy debug Wordbooker, his Facebook plugin for WordPress. This may not seem all that relevant to getting underway, but ALM has a decent following on Posts from are fed with RSS and get ‘liked’ or commented on. The problem is that Facebook comments never make it back to the blog and so all this awesome interaction isn’t available to the Facebook free. Wordbooker was supposed to save the day. It has all these glowing reviews and I really wish I could write one too, but after screen captures, advanced diagnostics, SQL exports and even a special update just for me… no dice.

Giving up on Wordbooker, I drove the Odyssey over to Shop and Save. Along with some cheese and apples, i grabbed jumper cables to build a lightning deflecting Faraday cage. With a van full of booty, i jaunted down to Arcadia and Hello World to pick up the cargo plates. Thier sharp comers cpuld easily open flesh and like the bailing pins of old, the stainless steel plates might have intriguing potential for an enterprising martial artist. However, sharp corners and sailboats don’t mix generally, so I ground them off in the driveway of the dorm. I crashed in the edit room there after mandatory episodes of Invader Zim.

Signs Signs... Is it really trespassing if you have permission?

Though I got to Arcadia beach at around 8:30 am, we didn’t push off until 3:00 pm, what with all the tinkering and tweaking. We lolled Iin a fitful wind for an hour plus, then caught decent puffs east and north for about 6 miles of overall southern progress. Finding a wildish landing was almost blown when I saw how disturbed the beach sand was with prints, but they turned out to be deer prints. 🙂 About a hundred yards down the beach a tiny cottage not yet opened for the summer nestled with an 18 foot Hobie in storage. Good omen.

Just missed the deer party North of Portage Lake

100 yards south, the neighbor cottage waits for summer

...and a Hobie 18

Two outhouses?! My kind of folks!

Got Hello World parked in 50 minutes, set up camp and took a wetsuit swim in the Big Lake. Then into the tent for that whole cozy wozy thing.

Baby flies joined me for the sail to Onekema – so cute!

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