Welcome to Saugatuck?!

Day 15

So much blogging and not enough lime, I mean time. I’m in Wallys in downtown Saugatuck with minimal cell coverage. This place is brimming with hotties dressed for luau, a couple were doing a beer bong as I came in. My ALM 2010 standard issue Hawaiian print shirt is like wearing camo in this place.

I’ve secured a perch with power to feed the iPhone and bribed my server into letting me drink club soda. It’s slightly disconcerting to be blogging out flanked by raging sexy drunks.

A bit of a late start today, off the Rosy Mound beach at 11:30 am after busting a batten pocket, tangling the uphaul cables and getting clobbered by the boom while turning to meet a kayaker. I thought it might be Joan’s husband as she had also mentioned Kayaks. I think the magic Dr Suess hat protected me, my face is tender but so far no bruises.

Before the parade of snafus, Joan Wolfe showed up to enthuse about HER 16 foot Hobie Cat Survivor while the golden hound she was walking dug several joint wrenching trenches in front of Hello World’s launch vector. I told Joan to get Survivor flying and join me in Chicago, then amused myself with a little joint wrenching.

An hour and a half later we beached at Holland’s south pier to meet Blake and Dennis from the Holland Sentinel. The illustrious Mike Campbell of Grand Haven had arranged this press contact. I had invited him to help produce and he’s running with it! Here’s the article.

Dave Swan from the Saugatuck Dunes Coastal Alliance had posted on facebook.com/ondesire offering assistance just hours before. This was a connection from artist Marcia Perry who had made the hookup via Facebook sometime in April I think.

Following Dave’s guidance, we swooped to the beach in Saugatuck just north of a sign that read something like “Private Property Here to Pier”, (south). To raise my elevation for better cellphone reception, I followed a path in the dune grass inland and called Dave. No sooner had we started talking than a guy pulled up in an ATV and started hollering at me (it was sort of windy) that I was on private property.

“I’m just trying to get cell reception.” I hollered back. He looked exasperated. I told Dave to hold on and walked over to the guy.

“Your sign says private property south of the sign, I’m north of it. Where does your property end exactly?” I moved a few feet north. “Here?” I jumped a few more. “How about here, is this ok?”

“50 ft more.”

“Well, why didn’t you put your sign 50 feet further down? You’ve gotta admit your signage needs work if you’re this concerned about trespassing.”

“I guess we can’t have enough no trespassing signs so poeple will respect private property.”

“Just make it clear, I’m not trying to cause trouble.” Suddenly realizing that I might like to interview this guy, I introduced myself and told him about the project. He didn’t want to tell me his name!

“We don’t want to be in any movies, we don’t want to talk to anyone. We just want our private property. We don’t let local people come here either.”

Refusing to tell me his name tore it. “Dude, you’ve got to learn to chill out, this is Michigan,” and spun away, back to the boat.

Welcome to Saugatuck.

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