Short of Benton Harbor

After phone calls and goodbyes, I walked over from Fritz’s to the Schumann’s beach, turned Hello World around and ate breakfast. The wind was blowing about 15-20 mph and there was great waves for body surfing. Two kids who I assumed belonged to the Schumanns were frolicking in the water and eventually George Schumann’s son Brian came down. Barb wandered by and Ted Ring was playing around with his Hobie in the surf, obviously waiting for me to get my act together.

Marty and Roxy stopped by to find out what my deal was, and Roxy asked a great question, “Hello World, does that have something to do with Perl?” My heart went pitter pat – a geek girl!
“Well it’s common to all software languages, because typically the first computer program folks write displays the words ‘hello world’ on the screen.”
We enjoyed a silent moment of insider affinity.

Ted came in and watched me wrap up the pre-flight. He even caught me in an oversight. We yanked HW into the water with the help of Brian and then Ted jumped on his boat and escorted me out. By the time I hit the lake it was 2:00 pm, kinda late.

Passed South Haven at 4:00 and the nuke plant around 6:00. Now it’s nearly 7:00 and the wind is gone. I’m about 2 miles from shore and 10 miles from Benton Harbor. Guess I’ll try for land while the suns up.

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3 Responses to Short of Benton Harbor

  1. tedring says:

    Hey Dan, you looked great while hanging out on your trapeze and leaving my little Hobie far behind in your wake. The wind was great while it lasted. I took advantage of it and sailed back North to the Kalamazoo river and played up there for the afternoon. I made it the round-trip 6 miles in no time at all.

    Unfortunately, the wind did die-off later. I was hoping you made it to BH before dark.

    Good Luck on your great adventure.

    Bon Voyage from Douglas, Michigan,
    Ted Ring

  2. Big Mo says:

    Hey, cousin! Mike just showed me your site and promo video last night. Got you bookmarked and will be following you evey day. Your video skills have gotten quite impressive! (Scott)

  3. Ted, I kept trying to slow my girl down so you could catch up but she wanted to jump. Thanks for that awesome escort!

    Scott, great to have you aboard. Thanks for watching the extended trailer too, I wish I could post more recent movies, it’s crazy trying to keep up.

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