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Day 34

I had ambitions last night, but today just flitted away. I tinkered with the camera on the boat and made a spectacle of myself chillin’ in the tent. I got looks from tender passengers and a “love your setup” from folks on a passing big boat. Generally I think Chicago is a wash, I’m ready to sweep out of here. It’s not that there isn’t plenty of interesting things happening, but I’ve hit it wrong. The holiday extends until Monday and so there’s nobody to meet with until Tuesday and without prior arrangements it’s not a crap shoot whether anyone will be available then. It sounds so much better to just loose the lines and get out of town. There’s plenty more lake to go. Tonight there will be pretty fire in the sky and of course I’ll get some shots. They canceled last night’s show so I’m thinking, it’ll be double tonight. Maybe I’ll actually try and edit in the tent tonight, but chances are I’ll just drink my beer and pass out. This stop counts as a rest I guess.

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  1. emk says:

    He that can take rest is greater than he who can take cities.

    Benjamin Franklin

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