What does it mean when…

Day 36

Something bad has happened to the port hull, or maybe it’s starting to happen. The deck is sunken in all around the front pylon. I noticed it first just out of Chicago and confirmed it on the beach this morning. This does not bode well. The pylon must be coming loose inside the hull but there’s no obvious cracks or bulges anywhere.

I had planned to do 40 miles to Milwaukee today and almost pushed off in spite of this problem. Great wind, just did 30 miles with this problem last night, we’ve got the whole day… Let’s go! I’d already left early morning messages with contacts in Milwaukee for meetings tomorrow. I debated the wisdom of pushing off while packing and then I noticed that my iPhone was smashed. Still functional but the glass front was shattered, the clear scratch protector the only thing holding it together.

Now two critical elements were compromised. I asked myself, if I had a friend with me whose life I was responsible for, would I launch now?

I pulled Hello World back up on the beach and resigned myself to finding digs in Zion until another iPhone could be had. I could also research the hull issue and come up with a plan. Worse case scenario, this might mean the end of the trip.

North along the beach I walked the z bike with a backpack full of technology until I hit the “do not enter” signs for the Preserve, facing backwards. Beyond them a trail led to a two track, then a parking lot and paved road out of the park. My idea was to find a motel with wireless, but the park had campsites with power hookups for $25/night, so I stayed.

I spent the day reporting my faux pas to the camp office and moving the boat out of the Preserve. I discovered later that there’s a deserted beach close to my campsite, that’s where I’ll bring her today.

I had pizza and posted to the hobie forums at the parks resort hotel. Jeff the bartender told me about the nuclear power plant next door that has been turned off but still has it’s rods. Oh did I mention there’s a nuclear power plant 200 yards north from my campsite? What the hell is it with beach parks and nuclear power plants?

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