Hello World returns

After 19 hours of round trip travel, Hello World has returned home. The plan was to put her on a trailer, but a snafu in the delivery of a hitch kit for the Honda Odyssey meant an unacceptable delay. After measuring the van’s interior yesterday morning, I determined that I could grab her with just the van.

A nice couple helped me bring down the mast. Beatrice and … The staff at the Illinois beach state park (including Darleen and Dick) accomodated my take out plan by giving the van access to the beach path.

Hello World was unpacked, disassembled, loaded into the Odyssey and out of the park by dusk. The return trip ran the gauntlet of heavy rains and lightning. One casualty – the window of the Odyssey’s rear hatch was smashed. I didn’t secure the door completely and the mast clipped it from above.

We hit the driveway at 7:00 am. After 5 hours of sleep I’m up and functional. The first days back at the house were nice, but having Hello World and all the gear elsewhere was distracting. Now the trip is truly done. It’s good to have the pickup handled.

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