Live Fully, Pay Attention, Power Down

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An ALM inspired public service message about giving up jet travel, whipped up in response to a regional fund raising effort that seemed inherently contradictory. The more I learned the more I felt compelled to speak out. The catalytic event was the release of a video by musicians May Erlewine and Seth Bernard on their kickstarter site.

Several aspects of their project appear problematic, but I’ve focused on the environmental impact. I’m down with Awakening the Dreamer, a movement to realize a socially just, environmentally sustainable and spiritually fulfilling human presence on the planet. These three outcomes are inherently linked, achieving one at the expense of the other two is no achievement at all.

There are certainly bigger fish to fry, why critique local activists and artists? Who elected Dan Kelly the arbiter of worthiness?

Folks disagree on how dire our environmental situation is, but it’s pretty clear we’ve got to make a change. Transparency and open communication are critical to deciding what that change should be. If we artists and activists can’t figure out how to do transparency and communication within our extended local tribe, how can we expect anyone to figure it out?

I don’t know many of the principle actors personally, but I am aware of their worthy efforts in the past. For my part, I just spent the last couple of years searching for artifacts of future sustainable civilizations. Having sailed a 16 foot catamaran 600 miles Around Lake Michigan, I’ve got some unique information to share especially with regards to travel.

I’ll be posting on youtube after a bit more polish.

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  1. Hi Tim, thanks for your comment. Let me start by saying I love FFT’s Cherry Cabernet!

    Fair trade is great, for sure. My question is – do you really need to inject so much carbon into the atmosphere to promote fair trade? Why does such a large group have to travel to Ethiopia? If the goal is to support a distant community and build schools, then why spend money flying 10 people there, doesn’t it make more sense to stay home and send the airfare? If we ran 200 miles in Michigan, we would raise that much more awareness and generate a larger donation for schools and farmers while preventing the climate change that threatens everyone, everywhere.

  2. Pappy Jack says:

    Hi Dan,

    I think you are spot on with your project. Here is a link to a small boat race (sailboats, kayaks, ect.) in Fl. and N.C. and if you read the “discussion” part you’ll see that they might have one in Mich. This, I believe, would be a good venue for you and your boat to promote sustainability. .

    Fair winds and full sails,

    Pappy Jack

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