V 0.9 Trickster Pictures SFX reel

This is for my extended inner circle of creatives, both producers that might have a micro budget and/or good things to trade and artists that might have a wild idea or fancy getting hired to help.


Am I prepared to take on motion graphics challenges professionally? Do I have the knowledge, workflow, hardware support and storage to pull off something really complicated? Not quite yet. Perhaps clients are on their way, but I’m aspiring to professional performance to realize my own outstanding projects, DOG and ALM.  I see SFX as the three way love child of editing, painting and code, a natural extension of what I’ve been doing for awhile. You may or may not see an opportunity for yourself here, my job is only to keep the cosmic channels open.

To finish my projects, I’ve got to set my expectations at 80% max. That means that if I want to wrap them this year, I’ve got to accept that I’m only  going to achieve 80% of my vision. That’s reality, see behind the scenes for my rationale.

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