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Cutting glass

Ben and I do DOG daily (have you met Ben Woody?) but my early evenings and weekends are dedicated to acquiring old Hobie 16s cheap – usually with soft decks and other structural issues. This is long range planning for … Continue reading
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Yo Twitter

I’m bringing Ondesire back online! Please standby…

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This is another test…

of auto tweeting for On Desire!   Continue reading

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More boats?

Yes, Trickster Pictures is acquiring more sailboats in preparation for the post petroleum America. Mostly Hobie 16s, same as Hello World. Beyond fun! Actually the point of this post is to see if we can re-establish our inter blog communication. Jordan Bates found me a plug-in with promise – a feed based updater. Now the […] Continue reading

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Deserving to live

You know, I haven’t yet reproduced. There’s been some opportunity and perhaps even motive, but my unique DNA remains proprietary. Cool people should breed and all that. Am I cool? Do I or any of you deserve to even survive, much less replicate? I’m not down on myself, in fact I think I’m one of […] Continue reading

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Save the Hobies

Testing my possible new blog feed thingy discovered by Jordan Bates. Will it work? Stay tuned.   Continue reading

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