Illustrated Revelations on an Art of Self

The outcome for 1/1 – 1/2 is to publish a clear and fun compendium and quick reference for the driving objectives of 2013.

Let’s begin with thinking about thinking. How do introspective sessions connect and coalese, how do I bind virtuality, what’s the ultimate digital expression? Perhaps not static, no mere ebook. Anyway, we’ve got to have a serviceable approach to building and updating our plans.

Each of the following chunks are lightning flashes of self definition I project / complete. Of course there may be too much, great gobbing mouthfuls of ambition beyond any reasonable expectation of chewing. How can I feel myself to be so much, so many? Worry about this for all of 10 seconds and just keep moving. Moderation in moderation. Like the Glimmung, we cannot know our limitations without a trial, a quest. Perhaps we have no limitations at all.

Then projects, the proving grounds of desire. What we want is what we do, we do things (ideally) to get what we want. Action then is a working through of desire, especially action towards a deliberate, conscious outcome. Whatever emotions arise are rich in vitamins and nutrients. Struggle is a flashing neon sign guiding us along the highway – turn here, keep going. If we are conscious and paying attention, everything speaks of what we want.

Why WordPress?

Ok, holy boners. We need to identify the pragmatic tool for recording AND indexing progress, having already tinkered with mind map software and such like esoterica, WordPress seems to be the down and dirty solution. Each post is sort of story, and the tags are great for cross referencing. WP is awesome enough except for 1) lack of local editing and 2) it’s handling of imagery and layout, which is execrable. So how do we get more pleasure out of thinking visually in WordPress? I love that all those open sourcerers made this happen, I’m down with not reinventing the wheel. Perhaps a plug-in exists, minor modifications to experience 90% of perfection. One normally would not get so specific at the start of a visioning document, but it’s really really important to get the documentation optimized. Blogging on the right brain.
WordPress logo

God DOG!

The feedback form for a test screening of Bill W, a documentary about the founder of AA that Jeff and I went to. Soon I’ll be gathering feedback about DOG. Yes, the completion of DOG, the primary uber objective. Perhaps a bit of a joke to some, the puppets in my head throw up their hands at the mention of this seven year itch, or avert their gaze and snigger. I’ll show ’em! Whether with raves or pans, pretty soon they’ll be filling out the forms. The end is nigh.
An archival post bath shot found while setting up the scanner – apropos of nothing except I like the filename stolen from Dick’s The Man Who Japed, “boiled enemy”. After an extended and near fatal voyage, the radiation scorched naked space ape helms his personal starship back to sparkling Gaia.

Ways in the World

Here’s primary practices projected (left to right). The sword representing Ru-ness at the empty center of everything – orgasm, combat or a sip of liquid raw warm chocolate. Melonie’s elephant’s ringing the teachings of the Tamil tiger, archaic paper woofie, wilderness and the secret name of my home world. A bowl of Chaga reminding me of the wilds and how serving Earth and living fully are one. Stewarding planet and self. According to the principles of sympathetic magic, currency in the shrine makes me a magnet for prosperity, the accidental master of thriving through applied gratitude. Subtly, the hand of the trickster is here revealed and more to the point, energized. Money after all is crazy making, an abstraction that disconnects, designed to addict and enslave. Including Indian Rupies and Canadian dollars is an active hack, I’m co-opting the meme. My joy is to turn the toxic topsy turvy, ICBMs into moon rockets, flint locks into party pipes. I declare these papers to be the fossil ancestors of Doctorow’s whoofie, the precursor to a reputation economy, (open source of course).Notice too the true green of wealth, fresh cut and fragrant conifer branches. I am the walking wilds.Ru and Bua by extension representing all human teachers – Bob (generosity and selfless giving) Redlings (love of life), Roland (watercolor), Anthony, Porcu and that other dude at ASL, Nicolaides, PKD, Collin…

In summary, I am an earth man entrusted with ancient technologies to open the inside universe and enliven my local blue green marble.

Catch the Big Ball

Giving Mantak Chia a chance to guide my investigation and practice of sexual renovation. Current experiments have been very intriguing. Who can teach me tantra? Can’t believe I waited half a century to seek shakti.

Depth of Field

An intense portrait of my time shifted house mate. Imagine an alternate universe with someone like her as an incarnation of affection, companionship, adventure and seeing myself more compassionately. Choosing again to experience the loving, powerful and mysterious feminine with trust and confidence. In the not so distant past, I’ve incarnated the archetypal she as a capricious and even dangerous threat – another Dick reference, Galactic Pot Healer and the malevolent female deity who ravages creation and sinks the cathedral. My out as a powerful creator was loving one Kali after another, the pith-ed frog prince. I let that go in 2013, I don’t have to suffer any more. At a half century, the prince can be retired and the king or better yet the wizard can step up. See references for tantra.

 This is not a blog, this is not 2013, this is not a box full of pens

Look at this box. There is no clay or legos, no wood chisels, powdered mica, rolls of 16 mm film or coconut oil. What resources does this box offer, what is possible? If we make an inventory of what we do have, the list would certainly be endless. Focusing on what’s missing? The micro lecture I gave Lena – make a list of what you have right now.

Proof of Polymathism

Here’s an excerpt from the Huge Fuck Mother of all Lists, a riff on George Galloway and the Mother of all Talk Shows. Obscenity is often associated with sex, divinity and other unspeakables, perhaps that’s why it’s considered crass and even unprofessional. It’s tough to get collaborative traction on slippery unwords like god and genitalia. So too fuck. A giant to do list is a tribute to the impossible, inherently contradictory, like running over your grandmother with a time machine. Check all the items off the list and you’re dead. Including impolite words in the title hints that it’s a symbolic containment vessel for hot paradox, and you better be fucking clear on that, laddie.

Directorial – Live theater

Play, directorial, live performance. When can we schedule a date to take a Benzie County Players slot? DOG must be finished, write to Steve and state intentions, clarity and expectations. Ask about status of stretched canvas.

Directorial – Feature

Science Fiction Musical. Which is also about singing, playing and composing. A big goal driving daily practice and chop improvement.

College Version 2.0

Editorial as an extension of painting. R and D into connections – comics, quality, film history, cognition, language, painting, composition, representations of time and space, storytelling.

Room to Groove

Over commitment no more, promises continue to be moderated by a clear sense of plan and purpose, immediate outcomes. Still room for risk and mistakes!

 Love thyself

Dry feet, elbows – self love, what’s the injury telling me, attention to posture. Instant on and sustained continues to feel tremendous. Taking care of myself.

Ultimate Agenda

Games are dead, long live games! Playful personal enhancement. Establish game museum, game design theory and practice. Designed and coded games in the 90s, ultimately the wheel will turn and I’ll bring everything I’ve learned to another game project.

Adventures on the Edge of Apocalypse

Back on the water by when and why, can / should a team manifest? How to go solo and actually be effective? Swimming in the frozen lake, under the ice, sail training in winter? Can a H16 be prepped and ready in the next month or so?


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