I was in the potting shed the other morning which is situated very close to the road. Two neighbors walking their dogs were passing my property in opposite directions and had a conversation which I couldn’t help but hear…

Woman – Hi Chuck, need an old boat?

Man – (unintelligible, grumbling)

Woman – What’s he doing with all these anyway?

Man – (slightly disparagingly) I think he plans on restoring them

Woman – isn’t there something in zoning? (meaning, can’t we make him get rid of all these boats?)

Man – (unintelligible)

Woman – (unintelligible)

They parted and having finished my business I came around to the driveway, whistling. The woman had her back to me as she walked away, but she was close enough for me to wish her a hearty good morning! She responded, possibly realizing that I had heard their whole conversation, maybe I just wanted her to at least ponder the possibility. Would she feel chagrin, shame or a sense or righteous indignation at her passive aggressive chastisement of my non-conformity? Perhaps I’ll invite her for a sail.


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