North Manitou expedition

Artist house, Inc. / Trickster Pictures is having a company picnic and sleepover on North Manitou Island from July 26-31. You are invited.

Ben Woody, Bri Mathias and Dan Kelly plan to sail Hobie 16s from Point Betsie to Crescent City, North Manitou’s west coast. Hobies are currently being prepped for the Big Lake. If sailing isn’t feasible, we’ll be taking Manitou Island Transit.

Countdown to Launch

The Hobie fleet circa 2013
The Hobie fleet circa 2013

You can come for the whole 5 days or any part, whenever North Manitou Island Transit is running.

Cost per person is the ferry, National Park permits and family style food, maybe $45 total. Manitou Island Ferry and North Manitou page.

North Manitou is a wilderness, which means there are no campfires. We’ll be cooking on backpack stoves. Everything you want or need must be packed in from the dock, about a 5 mile hike. Wool and pile clothing is better at keeping you alive than cotton.

Hello World somewhere south of Arcadia, 2010

If you’ve never wilderness camped, get in contact with Dan for a gear review. This is not a trivial undertaking, there is a very minimal safety net on the island. We must be totally prepared to care for our needs and any emergencies that may arise.

We understand that parents with kids may be reluctant to try this, we’ll do our best to assist and accommodate your family. There will likely be nakedness and discreet medicinal herbs. Fair warning.

Meals will be cooperative and family style, vegetarian and way tasty.

south of otter IMG_1167
Dinner on the beach!

Looking forward to hearing from you soon!

“North Manitou’s got the Goddess going on.” Dan Kelly
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