North Manitou countdown

July 7, just less than 20 days until launch.

Preliminary to do list

Gear inventory and pre-pack

sleeping bag liners extend frazzled Cat’s Meows
power and solar panels

Menu plan (Indian/Dan cooking lessons)

Manitou Island Transit

Departure on Sunday is good, most campers return on Sunday
Two boats to North and South daily
9:15 am check in for 10:00 am departure, 12:45 am check in for 1:30 pm departure (The 1:30 boat may arrive too late for inexperienced hikers to cross the island)
reservations a week in advance to be safe but 2-3 days prolly fine. Can deposit be refunded, is credit card run the day of the rez?
$35 ferry round trip, $2 parking/day, back country $5/night

Confirm sailing / landing with NPS, renew Eagle pass

Wetsuits for sailers, mandatory

Bri nothing yet
Ben has light half
Dan’s heavy full is trashed, light full functional

Physical training for Ben and Bri, swim

Hobie trainers ready and racked

Catamaran Sailing Phil Berman, must read, chapter checklist
Every sailor must solo and flip with water bag


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