Camping inventory

Didn’t have much luck sleeping, so I guess it’s time to be up, clean the house and pack. I’m surging with energy after an apple, a pair of pizza sandwiches and a pawful of brazil nuts.


candle lantern – (new glass, stuff sack)
x5 candles
test brunton battery and inverter
camera and batteries
sound recording?
backup laptop
wash tents – mold?


  1. ? flashlight [Sure Shot]
  2. √ dive flashlight [Intova] w/batts
  3. x4 lighter
  4. x1 candle lantern
  5. x1 candle lantern (new glass, stuff sack)
  6. x5 candles

Hygiene Health and First Aid

  1. scissor
  2. tweezers
  3. utility knife
  4. finger nail clipper
  5. band aids
  6. cotton swabs
  7. hair ties x6
  8. floss [Toms]
  9. toothbrush electric charged

Shaman Rx

  1. aspirin
  2. √ sunscreen
  3. √ x2  bug repellent (no deet)
  4. Ching Wan Hung (burn medicine)
  5. oregano oil
  6. glass
  7. sesame oil
  8. dmso
  9. alcohol spray
  10. hydrogen peroxide spray
  11. sterile cotton
  12. tooth powder (home made)

Reference library

  1. first aid [Wilderness Medicine Beyond First Aid, Forgey]
  2. ropes [Ropes, Knots and Slings for Climbers, Wheelock]
  3. spanish[Pimsleur]
  4. tai chi forms video [Ru]
    1. sword
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