Beachat 7mm

Bit of night free diving in a Beuchat 7mm. 8 lbs of weight on the belt and still popping up like a cork. Had to pressurize while pulling myself down hand over hand along the buoy chain, which is rigid like a steel rod. Didn’t think about how the nav light would attract bugs and light up the bottom lands. An armada of medium size fish (perch?) were hovering there, presumably for the bugs. Just shadow shapes, my vision a little fuzzy in the dim. 7mm was almost too toasty, my apprehension about getting chilled during Mark’s course is gone. Didn’t even feel the thermocline, almost a little dizzy from the hot bath previous. With the weight, this suit felt like a wearable isolation tank… lying on my back, looking at the stars or staring down at the sand, sans snorkel. I wonder if I could sleep just floating out there, maybe with a tiny anchor around my ankle? So many experiments and explorations… Next time – flashlight and pix.

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