Fall for Sailors, Divers, and Aquaphiles.

A brisk but wide sky fall morning here at the secret base of the tramp Hobie fleet. We’ve got some water work to do – bring in the doom raft and the mega buoy, stash the Hobies and their cribs.  Maybe not today tho, I need to borrow the Cissel’s chain come-a-long and grab my big scuba tank back from Alex, which I left in his driveway at the cider press yesterday. Enjoy the chrome rippled beauty of my sweet Crystal Lake! Render that, Pixar.


Pointing traffic over to DOG.MOVIE. There’s a podcast happening about the making of my movie, the scifi featurette Daughter of God. In about 10 or so Episodes from now I’ll be talking about the two years of Around Lake Michigan expeditions, which went down right in the middle of the DOG project. At that time, we might also see some new vignettes released for ALM. Anything is possible. Encouraging everyone to sign up, like, or follow Daughter of God on Facebook, Twitter, etc. and subscribe to the podcasts via iTunes, Stitcher, etc. This is the gentle release, after 11 years of fun.

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