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Back in Beulah

From Monday eve… Waiting at Newark airport for the arrival of nephew Lucas who’ll be riding shotgun on the return to Michigan. The intention is to drive through the night. If we can get out of here by 9:00 pm … Continue reading

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Bounce rate rebounds

Jonathan, Luke, Steve and I were looking at analytics for ondesire.com last night. After posting the Premise page on Friday, bounce rate shot back up to 40%. The point of looking at bounce rate is to see how effective the landing page is, but several factors could be influencing the results – other than the […] Continue reading

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Meeting 10-03-06 ondesire landing page

We’ve had two dream team meetings, in Brooklyn (Faisal, Erica and Dan) and last Saturday in Beulah (Steve Elrick, Melonie, Jonathan, Lucas Kelly and Dan). Inviting collaboration and contribution was the focus of Saturday’s meeting. Components of the ask package … Continue reading

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