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Illustrated Revelations on an Art of Self

The outcome for 1/1 – 1/2 is to publish a clear and fun compendium and quick reference for the driving objectives of 2013. Let’s begin with thinking about thinking. How do introspective sessions connect and coalese, how do I bind … Continue reading
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Projects in Progress Chapter 1

Here’s my instant review of Blue Planet with David Attenborough – things want to eat and breed and not get eaten. The ocean is big and mysterious, underwater photographers experience some serious beauty. What struck me in the tub at … Continue reading Continue reading

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Fukushima in the USA

Arnie Gunderson – 23 plants in the USA identical to Fukushima, 2 near Chicago, Dresden and Quad City neither are on Lake Michigan Continue reading

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Posts to post

I’ve been blogging in my mind for the last couple of months, here’s a sample of the topics I’d like elaborate on soonish. First, a crisis of confidence. Gosh, why blog at all? With the explosion of FB, a personal … Continue reading
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Deserving to live

You know, I haven’t yet reproduced. There’s been some opportunity and perhaps even motive, but my unique DNA remains proprietary. Cool people should breed and all that. Am I cool? Do I or any of you deserve to even survive, much less replicate? I’m not down on myself, in fact I think I’m one of […] Continue reading

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Awash in wildflowers…

…and basking in beauty, that’s the summer of 2011. Hello World has been beached (blossomed) for a solid year following her crippling injury 30 miles north of Chicago that ended our 2010 expedition. She’s communing with the flox and vetch across the street, waiting for repairs. Patrick and I are converting a storage shed into […] Continue reading

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V 0.9 Trickster Pictures SFX reel

This is for my extended inner circle of creatives, both producers that might have a micro budget and/or good things to trade and artists that might have a wild idea or fancy getting hired to help. Please upgrade your browser x Am I prepared to take on motion graphics challenges professionally? Do I have the […] Continue reading

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Inherent artifact

44 days until the scheduled launch. In 3 weeks I’ll look back wistfully and think, “I remember back when there was plenty of time.” The logistics of sailing and camping for three months are significant. There’s the boat itself which … Continue reading

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