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Illustrated Revelations on an Art of Self

The outcome for 1/1 – 1/2 is to publish a clear and fun compendium and quick reference for the driving objectives of 2013. Let’s begin with thinking about thinking. How do introspective sessions connect and coalese, how do I bind … Continue reading
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John Lilly video

Great talk by John Lilly of Mozilla at Wordcamp. On the Web, you don’t have to ask persmission. If you don’t know what Mozilla is, check this.

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Tags and categories

I’ve been blogging my ass off the past 4 days, prepping everything for the launch. It’s already June and I’ve got to get the heck out of here if I plan on being in Hawaii in 3 weeks without using … Continue reading

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Knowledge archive

After several blogging experiments – Mistakes I have made, Awesomesheet and Desire – I begin to have some clarity on what the objective is. This I knew… • Keep the network humming with the latest news. • Distribution improves the … Continue reading

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